A New Frontier

This collection builds upon the ‘Blue Marble’, the photo of the Earth from space taken by Apollo 17 astronauts while headed towards the moon, offering the world a unique view of our planet enabled by the technological achievements of human spaceflight. ‘A New Frontier’ similarly reflects our new understanding of Earth’s plasma electrodynamics made possible by Orthogonal Multipole Magnetic Basis Vectors (OMMBV), as seen from space, and as used by active satellite missions.

Apex Uncertainty – Low – Altitude – ECEF-Geodetic (inferno_r)
D Vector – Low – Meridional – Orthogonality Uncertainty – North (inferno_r)
Apex Uncertainty – High – Longitude – ECEF-Geodetic – Normalized (inferno_r)
Apex Uncertainty – High – Z – ECEF-Geodetic (inferno_r)
Apex Uncertainty – High – X – ECEF-Geodetic (inferno_r)
Apex Uncertainty – High – X – Step Size (inferno_r)

See OMMBV and About for technical and background information.